Great H Returns
Great H Returns cover
Released under

The Queenstons

Album evereffervescent
Genre Drum & Bass
Length 3:06
Released on 02 September 2014
Era LapFox Trax
Price Name Your Price
BPM 179.054
Lyrics Link
Bandcamp Great H Returns

Great H Returns is a drum & bass track released under The Queenstons on the album evereffervescent. Prior to the album's release, it was released for free on Ren's youtube, with it's own cover art. An alternate version, titled Great H Returns (Ravebreaks Version), appears as the eighth track on the album.


The song is very similar both stylistically and thematically to Humanoid from Figurehead. Both feature similar or identical melodies, and both sample from the 1980 arcade game Berzerk.


-FREE TRACK- The Queenstons - Great H Returns02:38

-FREE TRACK- The Queenstons - Great H Returns

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