The following are the lyrics for Going Back, released under The Queenstons on Figurehead. The lyrics are performed by Casey LaLonde.

Lyrics Edit

becoming something different
as time goes on 
the sun creates a blast of light 
then it's gone 
we all felt full of potential 
and full of life 
but it was taken away 
by a so-called holy light 

who are you to take it from me 
who are you to steal 
who are you to take from the free 
who are you to change what's real 

we're going back to where we were 
screaming loud enough to shatter the earth 
we're going back to where it was 
don't need a reason, just going because 

you'll shut it down 
try to block out the sound 
you'll be deafened by the yells 
of a thousand of our hells

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