GUTZ is a corporation created in Second Life as an accompaniment to the character Truxton. It serves as an explanation for the character's physical appearance, as well as perhaps mild insight to their backstory.

Official DescriptionEdit

GUTZ is a company that exists on the overworld which traffics in replacement body parts of all kinds from hell. Their means are shady at best, and it’s rumored that they have a deal with a crime syndicate on the other side getting parts for them from other hellthings (creatures living in hell). In some cases, GUTZ also creates “high-fashion” prosthetic parts.

Why are these parts needed on the overworld?

When a hellthing leaves hell, they’re either exiled or they leave on their own behalf. Many hellish attributes are stripped from them on exit, such as the general performance level of their bodies (they’re significantly more mortal and short-lived), or their more far-out visual attributes, such as long horns, wings, hooves, claws, and other generally hellish imagery. They may also be tortured if exiled or have to fight their way out and lose limbs in the process. Enter GUTZ: the only provider of replacement parts. Hellthings living on earth contact them, they deliver the goods. Most of Truxton’s cool looks aren’t natural. The horns, the hooves, the claws, the fangs - all prosthetic or replacement, provided by GUTZ. [1]

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