GO LUCKY EP is a 2-track EP released under The Quick Brown Fox.


As its name suggests, the overall mood of the album is rather positive. Vocals have a prominent theme.

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  1. MAYBE, YEA (1:28) (lyrics)
  2. PACEMAKER (2:06) (lyrics)

Release notes Edit

music by The Quick Brown Fox 
artwork by


  • MAYBE, YEA was originally spelled and capitalized as "Maybe, Yeah", but was changed when the EP was released.
  • The EP was originally going to be longer, but according to Ren, it was not finished because of the age of the project. They claimed on the Facebook page "Hey, so, um, I can't finish this because it's something I started so long ago. I hope you're okay with a couple short tracks. I like them a lot and people seem to also like them. So here they are." [citation needed]

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