Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower
Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower cover
Released under


Album B​-​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 1
Length 9:33
Released on 19 April 2016
Era Halley Labs
Price Free
Artwork by Unknown
Mediafire Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower
Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower is a track released under Rotteen on the album B​-​SIDE U: 2016 VOL. 1.

Release notes Edit

this track is a combination of a couple of previously unfinished pieces - one with no final title (working title was "Bad Doorways"), and the other being a scrapped (but still thoroughly enjoyable) version of Photon Prance. i felt that together they carried an interesting tone, pace, and palette, and as such, this now exists. what is here was harvested from renders that were already in MP3 format, and in the process of piecing it together i chose to exaggerate the compression artifacts to emphasize the idea of some kind of live transmission.

enjoy ♥ [1]

Newsletter Edit

A wild progressive psy-hardcore adventure splicing together unused elements from scrapped projects (including an early version of Photon Prance).

Video Edit

Rotteen - Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower09:34

Rotteen - Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower

References Edit


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