FRAMEDRAG is an 18-track album released under Darius. It is the successor to ERGOSPHERE. [1]

Track listing Edit

  1. Swollen Sun (1:56)
  2. Framedrag (1:01)
  3. Welcome Home (0:33)
  4. Catching Up (1:54)
  5. OSC Tuning (2:04)
  6. I Built This For You (1:38)
  7. Lesson (1:48)
  8. Clockmaker (2:41)
  9. His Chimes (0:57)
  10. I'd Like to Paint, Too (2:34)
  11. Have You Been to the Tower? (2:34)
  12. Windowsill (2:23)
  13. Strings Fashioned From Old Souls (1:30)
  14. MMC Assigning (0:32)
  15. Figure It Out (2:10) (lyrics)
  16. Texture (1:56)
  17. Hitching Q6 (4:15)
  18. Underground Garden (8:48) (hidden track)

Release notes Edit

All music composed and created by D. Halley

Recorded & engineered at Halley Labs, JAN-MAR 2016
Mixed & mastered to tape at Halley Labs, MAR 2016
This album has been mastered with wide dynamic range, and may be quieter than other audio. Please adjust volume accordingly.

Exclusive license to LAPFOX-HALLEY
Voice (T3, T17): Kevan Brighting
Illustration: AQ McArson @ furaffinity.Net/user/mcarson
Design: R. Queenston

This album would not be possible without the continued support of my patreon subscribers. Thank you for the opportunity to continue working on bigger, more intense projects.

Newsletter Edit

A true successor to the progressive melodies and synth ambience that was ERGOSPHERE, FRAMEDRAG brings forth a manic and scatterbrained tour of the Halley Labs sound library. Featuring the artwork of the always radical AQ McArson (previous works include WANDERLUST, Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII, and 2YR, 40​:​28​.​649) and the voice of Kevan Brighting (The Stanley Parable), FRAMEDRAG is a tightly-knit and utterly wound up ball of atmosphere and excitement. You can get it right here.

Darius newsletter shirt

And of course, there is an excellent shirt available right here, and all of the profits benefit the visual artist, AQ McArson.'

ARG Edit

Contained in the USB card with the physical release is a encrypted archive named _.7z. The morse code in Reframe translates to 1110010 01100101 01100110 01110010 01100000 01100011 01110100, which translated from binary becomes 'refr'ct'. The binary for 'refract' without spaces (01110010011001010110011001110010011000010110001101110100) is the password to the encrypted folder. The folder contains stems for 2YR, 40​:​28​.​649. [2] [3] [4]

Trivia Edit

  • Have You Been to the Tower? is a revisit of i built the tower to god with motion from Adventures with Tweesee.
  • Welcome Home and Hitching Q6 uses the same narrator from The Stanley Parable, Kevan Brighting.
  • Hitching Q6 samples a small part of molting from bad academia.
  • The cassette tape release is missing the track MMC Assigning in order to help keep both sides at an equal length.[5]

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