ERGOSPHERE is a 19-track album released under Darius. In March of 2016, the album's successor was released.

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  1. Future Perfect (1:04)
  2. Supersymmetry (2:26)
  3. 0G (1:27)
  4. Infinite Proxy (3:34)
  5. ZAND (1:38)
  6. Bipolaron (3:26)
  7. Newtonian Flaw (3:00)
  8. MECO (1:45)
  9. D/1993 F2 (3:24)
  10. Halley's Comet (2:32)
  11. The Orionids (1:51)
  12. BHC (1:59)
  13. Exosphere (2:41)
  14. Event Horizon (3:03)
  15. MSSM (1:49)
  16. Bipolariton (3:30)
  17. Right Osiris (3:21)
  18. Interceptor (5:34)
  19. Bipolaron (Jackal Queenston Remix) (5:02)

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all music written and produced by Darius 
artwork by

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dropping this a bit early just in case my sleeping schedule (my what?) prevents me from being awake 10 hours from now when this should drop.

easily my most ambitious full album to date and easily trumps Figurehead as far as effort and overall musicality are concerned. i explore a lot of progressive and jazz territory throughout the album, albeit through relatively cheesy synthesized means.

hope you guys like it, and reblogs are always super appreciated. thank you! <3 [1]

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to the ergosphere, a region outside of a rotating black hole where it is theoretically possible to extract mass and energy from the black hole from.
  • The digipack physical release of the album came with fake prescriptions for Ipecac fluid extract. [2]

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