Don't Stop Moving
Don't Stop Moving cover
Released under

[[Jackal Queenston + NegaRen]]

Album Don't Stop Moving
Length 3:36
Released on 21 November 2011
Era LapFox Trax
Price Free
Bandcamp Don't Stop Moving (song)

Don't Stop Moving is a track released under Jackal Queenston and NegaRen on the album of the same name.


Don't Stop Moving sounds very different to previous works released under Jackal Queenston and NegaRen, and actually doesn't even sound like a combination of their styles. Common composition styles appear, however, with Jackal's style appearing in the drumming and NegaRen's in the synth and piano leads. The song ends by cutting off abruptly, but echoes of the ending hit can be heard quietly shortly after.

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