Don't Stop Moving is an album released under Jackal Queenston + NegaRen. It is a compilation of two unfinished album projects (Flip That Shit and an untitled Jackal Queenston album, possibly King Vicious).

Track listingEdit

  1. Jackal Queenston + NegaRen - For Your Consideration (0:09)
  2. Jackal Queenston - Diurnal (4:12)
  3. NegaRen - Dodecahedron (3:11) (lyrics)
  4. Jackal Queenston - Anxiety (feat. Klippa) (3:59)
  5. NegaRen - Come On Composer (3:56) (lyrics)
  6. Jackal Queenston - Blackweather (5:15)
  7. NegaRen - Daytona USA Bastardcar (4:56)
  8. Jackal Queenston + NegaRen - Don't Stop Moving (3:36)

Composition Edit

Jackal Queenston's tracks are very typical in style, with a dark athmosphere and fast, aggressive drumming. NegaRen's tracks, except for Daytona USA Bastardcar, are quite different compared to previous releases; the beats aren't as "straightforward" and have more complex patterns, the songs itself are a bit slower than previous releases, and clearly are more experimentally composed.

Release notesEdit

two unfinished high-tempo releases come together - one dark and one light - to form a tour de force of breakbeats, basslines, and funky noises.


  • The album has very similar album art to Believe In UR Butt, as both are photographs of vinyl sleeves of album covers.

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