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DJ Snaggletoof is an alias under the Halley Labs label. They were initially used for tracks that became Furries in a Blender / Emoticon Patreon exclusive tracks, and are currently only used for DJ mixes. [1]

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Trivia Edit

  • DJ Snaggletoof has two color schemes. On the THE FUCKDEST JAMS they have a blue and green color scheme; on the cassette release of THE FUCKDEST JAMS they have a yellow and pink color scheme.
    DJ Snaggletoof

    Alternate design from THE FUCKDEST JAMS YouTube video.

  • Concept work of Snaggletoof in the blue and green color scheme was included in Squeedge Bites Vol. 2 zine that was posted in March of 2015 on Squeedge's Patreon. Presumably this color scheme is actually the original.
  • Ren has stated that DJ Snaggletoof is possibly around 6'0" in height. [2]
  • Along with Detergent, DJ Snaggletoof is one of the only human aliases.

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