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DDDDX Soundtrack Selection Nonstop Mix was an 11-track free mix released on the DASH-DA-DASH DX release page. The mix consisted of drum and bass songs from the game's song list.

Track listingEdit

  1. Spor - Halogen (02:34)
  2. Xilent - Uplift (02:34)
  3. Exile - Silicon Chop (feat. Sub Focus) (01:50)
  4. Pendulum - Through The Loop (02:34)
  5. Exile - The Devil's Chimney (02:34)
  6. Exile - Big Bad Purple Bad Boy (02:23)
  7. DC Breaks - Babylon (01:17)
  8. DJ Hazard - Death March (02:22)
  9. Sub Zero - Spin Doc VIP (01:29)
  10. Mistabishi - Enemies of Dorothy (02:01)
  11. Krafty Kuts - Shake Them Hips (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) (03:51)

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