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DDDDX2:DD: FM JAMS is a 13-track album released under PSURG Sound Team. It was intended to be the soundtrack to DASH-DA-DASH DX2: DEVIL DESTROYER.

Track ListingEdit

  1. PSURG (0:06)
  2. Intro (0:35)
  3. Hell Drive Jive (0:34)
  4. Rise UP Rise UP (2:13)
  5. Die Diesel Die (1:52)
  6. The G Freak (2:12)
  7. *.DAT Digest (1:49)
  8. DARWIN (1:37)
  9. Budang Lane (1:58)
  10. Ganbare Hikouka (1:38)
  11. No Bomb No Problem (1:00)
  12. Your Deathtiny (2:06)
  13. Announcements 4 U (0:19)

Navigation Edit

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