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Breaking boundaries

Original artwork.

NegaRen BB textless

Textless version of the album artwork.

Breaking Boundaries is an 22-track album released under NegaRen. Its redesign combines it with True Colour.

On March 16, 2015, the album was added to the LapFox Trax Bandcamp as part of the VULPvibe Selections as "important enough to [the] overall body of work to offer in flac..." [1] It featured a significant artwork change, like many of the restored albums.

The typography, layout, and background design were all completely redone. In addition, all of True Colour was added, bringing the track count to 22 tracks.

Track listingEdit

Rerelease Edit

  1. Ruv 4 U How U Ruv (4:00) (lyrics)
  2. Who Said It Was Safe (4:13)
  3. 'Till This is Done (03:54) (lyrics)
  4. Revenge Of The Eggs (5:05) (lyrics)
  5. Just Wanna Tell You (04:19) (lyrics)
  6. Ride The Sky (4:16)
  7. Stark Raving Mad (3:54) (lyrics)
  8. Sound Killa (03:17) (lyrics)
  9. And Then I Killed A House DJ (4:10)
  10. Love is Delicious (03:39) (lyrics)
  11. God Damn It's A Nice Day (3:38)
  12. Operation Delgonflange (3:32)
  13. My Pet Dragon Got Drunk and Barfed at Rainfurrest (03:21) (lyrics)
  14. A Bunch Of Samples Played Consecutively (2:55)
  15. Gross Little Thing (03:24)
  16. Busy Busy Busy (3:54)
  17. Ejac Attack (4:57) (lyrics)
  18. Immovable (03:15) (lyrics)
  19. The Munchies (3:14) (lyrics)
  20. Something Beautiful (4:29) (lyrics)
  21. When I'm Down (03:40)
  22. ♥ Ray (3:51) (lyrics)

Original Edit

  1. Ruv 4 U How U Ruv (4:00) (lyrics)
  2. Who Said It Was Safe (4:13)
  3. Revenge Of The Eggs (5:05) (lyrics)
  4. Ride The Sky (4:16)
  5. Stark Raving Mad (3:54) (lyrics)
  6. And Then I Killed A House DJ (4:10)
  7. God Damn It's A Nice Day (3:38)
  8. Operation Delgonflange (3:32)
  9. A Bunch Of Samples Played Consecutively (2:55)
  10. Busy Busy Busy (3:54)
  11. Ejac Attack (4:57) (lyrics)
  12. The Munchies (3:14) (lyrics)
  13. Something Beautiful (4:29) (lyrics)
  14. ♥ Ray (3:51) (lyrics)

Release Notes Edit

all music written / produced / tracked / drooled all over by NegaRen

artwork by Plastic Surgery

Rerelease Edit

music produced by NegaRen
illustration by

Trivia Edit

  • A physical release was released via the PSURG BigCartel. [2]

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