Bon Voyage is a 6-track EP released under Rotteen & Friends. The featured "friends" are Azrael-II, Kitcaliber, ⇩LOAD, J. Queenston, Aurastys and Darius.

Track listing Edit

  1. Traveler (feat. Azrael-II) (04:51)
  2. Weary Willow (feat. Kitcaliber) (03:32)
  3. True Fossil Soul (feat. ⇩LOAD) (04:55)
  4. NKnTr (feat. J. Queenston) (04:45)
  5. Photon Prance (feat. Aurastys) (04:45)
  6. RR22rspct: GRIP (feat. Darius) (06:03)

Release Notes Edit


  • dist. kicks and supersaws on Traveler engineered by Azrael-II  
  • guitar, vocals, add'l sequencing on Weary Willow by Kitcaliber  
  • pedal chains on True Fossil Soul designed by ⇩LOAD  
  • breaks and bass on NKnTr by Jackal Queenston  
  • ambient sound design on Photon Prance by Aurastys  
  • guitar, bass, orchestration on GRIP by Darius Halley  
  • all music written / produced / arranged by Rotteen d'Moon except:  
  • NKnTr features samples from Metroid II by Ryoji Yoshitomi  
  • GRIP originally by Nobuyoshi Sano for Ridge Racer 2  
  • mastered by Darius Halley @ Halley Labs


Newsletter Edit

Six tracks of psychedelic and forward-thinking hardcore from Rotteen and six other members of the LAPFOX-HALLEY crew: Azrael-II, Kitcaliber, Download, Jackal Queenston, Aurastys, and Darius.

This EP is also out as a very wicked limited edition CD release, available from the bandcamp page.

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the debut of ⇩LOAD appearing under the LapFox Trax label.

Trailer Edit

OUT NOW Rotteen & Friends - Bon Voyage

OUT NOW Rotteen & Friends - Bon Voyage

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