The following is the sample list for Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure, released under Truxton on ON Trax Vol. 7.

Sample list Edit

  • Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Used at 0:48 and uses the vocals.
  • Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Used at 1:35 and uses the melody.
  • Doctor P - Big Boss. Used at 2:00 before the first drop.
  • Rusko - Woo Boost. Used at 0:24 and uses the hook.
  • Doctor P - Sweet Shop. Used at 1:59 and 2:20 (vocals).
  • Excision and Datsik - Swagga. Used at 0:45 and uses the vocals.
  • Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop. Used at 0:00, 1:59, 2:48 and 3:12.
  • Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon. Used at 2:11.

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