Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure
ON Trax Vol. 7 cover
Released under


Album ON Trax Vol. 7
Genre Plunderphonics/Dubstep
Length 3:44
Era LapFox Trax

Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure is a mashup track released under Truxton on the album ON Trax Vol. 7.


The track is largely a mashup of various popular dubstep songs, while Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" provides the vocals.

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Trivia Edit

  • "Billy Joe" is most likely referring to Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter for the band Green Day. The vocals are sampled from their song Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
  • The track was originally going to be on Hellhound, but was deleted from Ren's official YouTube channel before the album's release. He later said in the comments of another Hellhound track that he was unhappy with how it turned out, and thus decided to drop it. [citation needed]

Video Edit

Truxton - Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure -RE-UPLOAD-03:39

Truxton - Billy Joe's Dubstep Adventure -RE-UPLOAD-

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