beautiful (JQ vs Emoticon RMX)
Released under

Jackal Queenston vs Emoticon

Length 3:54
Released on 18 March 2018
Era Halley Labs
Price Free
Mediafire Beautiful (JQ vs Emoticon RMX)

beautiful (JQ vs Emoticon RMX) is a free track released under Jackal Queenston vs Emoticon. It is a remix of beautiful by belladonnakillz.

Release notesEdit

i've been on a big bdk kick lately since i've been trying to get a lot of their work archived, and decided to have another shot at one of their tunes. this time i went the remix route rather than a cover and decided to channel some more oldschool vibes. aside from the overall higher quality, i feel like fans of my older stuff will dig this one.

lots of love, take care ♡


Belladonnakillz - beautiful (JQ vs Emoticon RMX)

Belladonnakillz - beautiful (JQ vs Emoticon RMX)