bad academia is a 15-track album released under Halley Labs Associates.

Track listing Edit

  1. wind child (4:24)
  2. contact (a) (0:11)
  3. early sun (0:47)
  4. helpers (2:16)
  5. snow (2:11)
  6. contact (b) (0:09)
  7. fidget (2:09)
  8. sleep paralysis (1:11)
  9. i rearranged us (2:03)
  10. contact (c) (0:06)
  11. stew (0:40)
  12. man in the waterfall (1:24)
  13. deity's digits (1:16)
  14. hotel (1:11)
  15. molting (6:28) (lyrics)

Release notes Edit

winter must end 

ltd. edition shirt: 

please note that this album makes intentional use of MP3 compression and other audio artifacting

Trivia Edit

  • The album uses the same vocal synth as Garden Of Delete from Oneohtrix Point Never. [1]
  • bad academia was originally going to be longer, but approaching it ' became more and more exhausting every time i tried, to the point where it manifested in pretty intense depression. ' [2]
  • bad academia is about ' the pain of reliving all of your life's trauma in the blink of an eye and the feeling of accepting it and working through it, like shedding a layer skin. ' [3]

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