Bad Cheetah
Released under

MGD Sound Team

Album Plastic With Audio
All Of Life's Mysteries
Everything is Better in Color
Genre IDM Pop
Length 2:26 (Plastic With Audio version)

2:08 (All Of Life's Mysteries)
2:49 (Re-releases)

Released on 2005
Era Pre-VULPvibe
BPM 170.15
Simfile Bad Cheetah

Bad Cheetah is a track that was released five times in total: Once on Plastic With Audio and All Of Life's Mysteries under Renard, on Everything is Better in Color under Emoticon, on Mungyodance under Emoticon featuring Renard and on FIVE under MGD Sound Team (which both aforementioned aliases are a part of). FIVE is its most recent release.


The track is an IDM song with pop influences. It samples the amen break a lot, although overall the track is chill and slow. You can hear a bit of noise influence in it, along with distorted voice samples.


  • This track may hold the record for having the most re-releases.
  • The track is labelled as Bar Cheetah on the physical release for Plastic With Audio.

Gallery Edit

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