BYDO (full name SP 002 BYDO) is one of Ren's Second Life characters.

Official Information Edit

An experiment born in the ISS research labs by Russian scientists attempting to create a complex life form (a canine-alike form in this case). The experiment resulted in a living, polymorphous substance that was deemed dangerous and ejected into space. The substance found its way back to the station, having taken on a more canine form, albeit humanoid in nature otherwise. Named BYDO by the crew, in reference to the abandoned experiment from the R-Type series, the creature has served as an intelligent companion, if mysterious.

Personality Edit

Mischievous and a bit of a trickster, but friendly. Likes to try to "fit in" with those around it. True intentions unknown. Seems to appreciate personal space unless interacting with other SP lifeforms. Becomes violent when approached for testing. [1]

Trivia Edit

Note: All trivia is from the Nabyn page.

  • BYDO has a solid form, a liquid form, and a gas form.
  • They occasionally have green, hypnotic eyes.
  • BYDO has no actual clothing preferences, but they like fitted caps.
  • Ren has stated that BYDO was based off Ghost's sludgepuppy character in Second Life.

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