BANDETTO BEST SELECTION is a 10-track album released under BANDETTO. [1]

Track listing Edit

Side A Edit

  1. amnesiac
  2. hard hop 9th system
  3. speedy snail (aka slow rocket)
  4. higher higher higher
  5. need u

Side B Edit

  1. baby so hardcore
  2. radiata (half VIP)
  3. rhythm guide
  4. fierce fortune
  5. nova fire

Newsletter Edit

the first Halley Labs vinyl project is here. 10 tracks spanning the BANDETTO back catalog coming together for a collection well-suited to both home listeners and DJs.

please note that this is a pre-order item. once the funding period ends, the record will go into production, which can take up to 8 weeks. after production, the records will be shipped by QRATES directly to you. the image displayed above is a mockup and is not entirely indicative of how the orange and clear splatter records will turn out.

get it RIGHT HERE. preorders will be open until March 1st, and however many are ordered will be the amount pressed. the minimum we need to meet is 200, but we can go well over that.[2]

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