Bad command textless

Textless version of the album artwork.

BAD_COMMAND is an 11 track album released under the alias BANDETTO.

Track listingEdit

  1. higher higher higher (2:51)
  2. nova fire (2:51)
  3. scale the skyscraper friendship (feat. BUYO) (4:37)
  4. headrockin (2:41)
  5. walker kingdom (2:14)
  6. the puff (2:24)
  7. sky above (3:05)
  8. scale the skyscraper friendship rmx (feat. BUYO) (3:46)
  9. the puff (Mayhem rmx) (4:11)
  10. walker kingdom (demo) (2:15) (Bonus track)
  11. nova fire (demo) (1:54) (Bonus track)

Physical release Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The physical release of BAD_COMMAND included extra tracks taken from ROM OK! ★ R U OK 2? and SLIP'N'SLIDE.
  • The voice sample in sky above, "Reach up, to the sky above", was sampled from Tantrum Desire - Reach.

Navigation Edit

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