B​-​SIDE U: 2015 is a 13-track compilation album released under various aliases.

Track ListEdit

  1. Darius + Rotteen - CHNLDiVR (05:26)
  2. Darius + Rotteen - Vision Through the Feedback (04:22)
  3. Emoticon - The Right Place (04:00)
  4. Darius - Forest Spirit Beckons (05:52)
  5. Jackal Queenston - McCloud 2015 (05:01)
  6. NegaRen - Move On (06:04) (lyrics)
  7. EUGENE - warDANCE (03:18)
  8. Kitsune² - A Language Unspoken (02:51)
  9. Rotteen - Ignorant to the Void (Extended Unmixed Edit) (11:19) (lyrics)
  10. Renard - AAAAAA (03:08)
  11. RQ - Kitchen Dub (feat. JQ) (04:11)
  12. The Queenstons - Glossolalia (05:55) (lyrics)
  13. Darius + Rotteen - CHNLDiVR (MiX2) (06:02) (lyrics)

Release Notes Edit

all music written and produced by listed artists @ HALLEY LABS

CHNLDiVR based on music by KIKIYAMA from YUME NIKKI @ 
AAAAAA based on music by toby fox from UNDERTALE @

illustration by trash @

Vision Through the Feedback, The Right Place, and Forest Spirit Beckons were originally Patreon exclusive tunes, featured at thank you to all of the wonderful people supporting me at Patreon - as i continue to dive deeper into my music, free compilations like this would not be possible without you!  ♥

Cover Gallery Edit

Physical release Edit

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