Atomizer is an 11-track album released under Furries in a Blender.

Track listingEdit

  1. Atomizer (4:46) (lyrics)
  2. Lockdown (6:08) (lyrics)
  3. Coldplay - Yellow RMX (5:53) (lyrics)
  4. Slow Mover (5:51)
  5. Wheels of Steel (5:18)
  6. Renard - Great Expectations (Furries in a Blender Remix) (5:59) (lyrics)
  7. Renard feat. Futret - GABBERSTÄG (FIAB Remix) (4:52) (lyrics)
  8. I'm Alive 2012 (3:57)
  9. Wind Me Up (3:13)
  10. Blue Deceiver (feat. Darius) (4:49)
  11. Atomizer (The Living Tombstone RMX feat. Ibeabronyrapper) (3:03) (lyrics)


  • Originally, the Bandcamp page for the release stated the album to be written and produced by Emoticon, instead of under the Furries in a Blender name. [1]

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