Arcadepunk is a 4-track album released under Klippa. It details the rise and fall of the arcade industry.

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  1. Arcadepunk (04:07) (lyrics)
  2. Scrapheap (03:32)
  3. I'll Wait (03:28)
  4. Pectus Excavatum (feat. Casey LaLonde) (03:52) (lyrics)

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all music written + produced by klippa 
lyrics on track 4 by 
vocals on track 4 by 
artwork by

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  • The font used for the album title is 'Walk Da Walk One' from Måns Grebäck's "Walk Da Walk" series. [1]
  • A instrumental of Pectus Excavatum is included on the dual Arcadepunk + So CD.

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