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At Anthrocon 2012, Ren performed a live show. The show was held at the David L. Lawerence Convention Center, as part of Anthrocon 2012.

Track listing Edit

  1. Intro
  2. Gammer & Klubfiller - Pure Fish
  3. Gammer & Whizzkid - Jump (Renard Bootleg)
  4. Detest - Live-In Thief
  5. Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Nustyle Mix)
  6. Radium - Piss On Me
  7. Radium - Work It Harder
  8. Renard - Fuck Your Rails, Too
  9. Renard - Ganjaman.mp3 (Bootleg)
  10. Futret + Renard - Stag Party (lyrics)
  11. Renard - Sean Paul Opens a MFing Carnival
  12. NegaRen - Just Wanna Tell You (lyrics)
  13. Renard - Da Nu Nuttah (edit)
  14. Furries in a Blender - Woody Lake (Renard + NegaRen Remix)
  15. Cardopusher - Show Me Your Pussy Massive
  16. Futret + Renard - GABBERSTÄG (lyrics)
  17. Helix - U R Everything (AC12 Wonderwall Live Mix)
  18. Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom (Renard Bootleg)
  19. Azrael vs Renard - Pokàmen Party
  20. Mayhem - He Pukes Based Shark (Renard Remix)
  22. Renard - Ohwurm.mp3 (WIP Bootleg)
  23. Renard - DON'T QUIT FRIENDS (lyrics)
  24. Renard - I JUST CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT BALLS (Edit) (sample list)
  25. Renard - Banned Forever
  26. NegaRen - Ruv 4 U How U Ruv
  27. Truxton - Yeah Yeah Baby Yeah Up In Here Yeah Baby Getcha Getcha (Short Edit)
  28. Renard - Hank Made Me Vomit (Good Riddance, Undying Shitlord) or You Are My Forever-Shining Guardian Light But You Can Still Suck A Fat Dick (sample list)
  29. NegaRen - Daytona USA Bastardcar
  30. Akira Yamaoka - Dog Ending

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