Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII is a 10-track album released under Rotteen.

Track listing Edit

  1. Like A Fuckin' Sun (3:35) (Euphoric Handsup) (lyrics)
  2. BOOM-000 (4:48) (Acid Gabba) (lyrics)
  3. Crow (3:45) (Twilight Trancecore)
  4. Dopefish (3:43) (Bouncy Fusion)
  5. White Nuxxle Driver (2:26) (Speed Dub Breaks)
  6. Errorblasterz (2:26) (Acid Tech-Pop)
  7. UR Way (2:47) (Melodic Speedcore)
  8. HeadXplit (3:18) (Gabba Dirge) (lyrics)
  9. Arc (4:12) (Tribute Prog)
  10. VEC†LEGGENDARIA (1:58) (Hard Opus)

Release notes Edit

Bandcamp Edit

all music by Rotteen except:

"BOOM-000" contains a sample from:
• "Home" by Julie Mcknight

"Dopefish" contains a sample from:
• "Turn Off the Radio" by Ice Cube

"Errorblasterz" contains a sample from:
• "Follow Me" by Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays

"UR Way" contains samples from:
• キルラキル Ep.4 "とても不幸な朝が来た" (VA: 関 俊彦)
• "Before My Body Is Dry" by 澤野 弘之 + 小林未郁

"Headxplit" contains samples from:
• "COSMIC RAISE" by 加藤 稔二
• "Death Egg Zone" by 中村 正人

"Arc" intro adapted from:
• Arkanoid soundtrack by 小倉 久佳

"White Nuxxle Driver" contains samples from:
• "born slippy.NUXX" by Underworld
• "SPACE FIGHT" by 山岡 晃

illustration by AQ McArson:
design by Ren Queenston


Album stream Edit

"Ancient Artifact ARGÓS​-​CCCIII" marked a major change in how i created hardcore rave music. from here onwards, i started to take my work much more seriously - not so much emotionally seriously, but seriously in the challenge department. the only way for me to get better at what i do is to attempt to do what is just out of reach for me at that given time. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • UR Way was changed to have a melodic main section rather than the dissonant beginning and ending, as it bares resemblance to CHIMPANZEE TANK by m1dy. [2]
  • Most of the album was written with rhythm game motion and patterns in mind. [3]
  • CCCIII (303) in the album title is a reference to the Roland TB-303, a synthesizer used heavily in house and acid music. [4]
  • The Dopefish section of the trailer uses a clip from Happy by Hestu Procyon, a video of a Second Life creation by Ren. [5] [6]
  • The Errorblasterz section of the trailer uses footage of Beauty Pagent, a unreleased sidescroller shmup game by Ren. [7]

Trailer Edit

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OUT NOW Rotteen - Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII FLASHY VID01:33

OUT NOW Rotteen - Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII FLASHY VID

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