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Adraen is a retired alias under the LapFox Trax label. He is a male rhino-dragon hybrid who produced breakcore-speed rave fusion with layered breaks and influences from DnB and punk rock, often using drum or guitar fills/samples. Ren has stated that Adraen's style had merged into what had became Kitcaliber's primary style, Adraen's own becoming somewhat vague, leading eventually to his retirement.

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  • Adraen is 6'5" and weighs 220 lbs, making him the tallest and heaviest of the aliases. [citation needed]
  • According to Ren's track descriptions of The Beats With Two Backs, Adraen is a superhero who possesses many powers to save the world from an alien leader trying to conquer earth, such as a FIST OF VENGEANCE and FISTS OF BRUTALITY. [1]
  • Adraen is "particularly fond of chocolate mint ice cream". [2]




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