Acid Intravenous is an 8-track album released under Renard and Adraen.

Track listingEdit

  1. Night Ride (3:19)
  2. Not So Bad (3:11) (lyrics)
  3. You Goddamn Fish (1:16)
  4. Way High (5:35)
  5. Better Than Real (2:33)
  6. Physicality (1:38)
  7. Happy Where It Counts (2:38)
  8. Punk Anthem Track (1:32)

Release notes Edit

all tracks written / produced / tracked / whatever'd by Renard & Adraen.
artwork by Squeedgemonster.


  • The tracks Way High and Not So Bad were included in Way High EP by Adraen, but the EP got discontinued.

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