AAAAAA cover
Released under


Album B-SIDE U: 2015
Genre Breakcore
Length 3:09
Released on 31 October 2015
Era Halley Labs
Price Free
Bandcamp AAAAAA
Mediafire AAAAAA

AAAAAA is a track released under Renard on the album B​-​SIDE U: 2015. It is a remix of the Undertale soundtrack (Amalgam, Your Best Nightmare, Your Best Friend) by Toby Fox. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • When the video was first posted on Halloween as a free single, it was titled "HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM NEGAREN", featuring the cover artwork for BreezeSphere Mk​.​6. The video also contained a WIP of Move On before switching to AAAAAA.
  • When you name yourself "AAAAAA" in Undertale, instead of the regular confirmation prompt text, the text "Not very creative...?" will come up.[2] The track's title is a reference to this.

Video Edit

-FREE TRACK- Renard - AAAAAA03:10


References Edit


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