Bandetto -.WAV SLAVE - Animated Cover - 1000x1000

Animated cover art.

Wav slave textless

Text-less, transparent version of the album artwork.

  *.WAV SLAVE is a 10-track album released under BANDETTO.

Track listingEdit

  1. bouncy castle boogie (3:18)
  2. disco bombing (3:49)
  3. gameshark (3:34)
  4. barf city (3:30)
  5. fierce fortune (3:50)
  6. amnesiac (1:46)
  7. need u (3:22)
  8. scorch shuffle (2:45)
  9. on the hunt (2:30)
  10. rhythm guide (4:15)

Release notes Edit

Music produced by BANDETTO 
Artwork by Gullacass @

Physical release Edit

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